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Accumulator manufacturers circuit breaker absorption hydraulic pressure can be frequency fluctuations



The accumulator manufacturer may vary in frequency

Circuit breakers absorb hydraulic shocks.The direction change valve suddenly changes the direction, the sudden stop of the component movement all produces the pressure shock in the hydraulic system, causes the system pressure to rise rapidly in a short time, causes the instrument, the component and the sealing device damage, then produces the vibration and the noise.In order to ensure the absorption effect, the energy storage device should be set near the impact point. Generally, the energy storage device is set before the impact source such as the control valve or hydraulic cylinder, so as to absorb and buffer the hydraulic impact well.

A plunger pump is used to remove pulsation and reduce noise, and the system is vibrated by a change in the flow cycle of the pump compared to the hydraulic system with fewer columns.Hydraulic accumulator wholesale set energy storage device, can absorb a large amount of pulsating pressure and flow in the energy, flow pulsating in a cycle.

The part whose instantaneous flow rate is higher than the average flow rate is absorbed by the energy storage device, while the part whose instantaneous flow rate is lower than the average flow rate is supplemented by the energy storage device, which absorbs the energy in the pulsation, reduces the pulsation, and reduces the degree of damage to sensitive equipment and equipment.High-pressure nitrogen is allowed to enter the balloon quickly, which causes the polymer to cool to the point of brittle failure.The rapid air bag is also pushed into the conical valve below the oil end, thus reducing the air bag.The operation of the reactor will be affected and damage results if the pressure preloading pressure of the minimum system is not reduced.The balloon accumulator introduces reserve air, resulting in a broken conical valve or air bag.The basic reason is that the purse failed.

Even without a low or airbag accumulator, the frequency can vary.The airbag system under pressure at the top of the shell results in wrinkle damage.This is the air pocket of the air bag where the air valve enters or is punctured.In this case, only one cycle can damage the airbag.If the quality is not reliable, there is a direct relationship, if the quality of the product is not reliable, then you choose will lead to failure, stainless steel hydraulic accumulator wholesale affect its normal use, therefore, in order to reduce the use of the concentrator fault, should choose high quality products for the probability.Make sure the nitrogen container is filled with nitrogen gas, such as oxygen or combustible gas that people charge with nitrogen, but it explodes.

Thus, the location of the fault can be caused, so to reduce the fault, make sure it is filled with nitrogen.Damaged by overload, which can also cause failure, is used to avoid reloading the accumulator.The concentrator needs to take measures, zhejiang hydraulic accumulator supply needs to reduce the opportunity to ensure its normal operation, after the failure, they take appropriate measures to deal with, should avoid unnecessary inconvenience


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