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A hydraulic accumulator that causes the system to vibrate appreciably



A hydraulic accumulator that causes the system to vibrate appreciably

The accumulator is a thermosetting elastomer with thermal melt.Rubber according to the type of sulfide is different, the temperature range of its forming and curing also has considerable differences, even affect the climate change, indoor temperature and humidity.Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted at any time. Otherwise, zhenhai capsule accumulator company may produce product quality differences.

Rubber products are rubber compound materials manufactured by mixing rubber raw materials with mixer, designed and matched according to the characteristics of rubber products required during mixing, and determined the required hardness of the products.Product production forming with rubber plate vulcanizing machine stamping forming.After the forming of the product, the final flash processing, the surface of the product without smooth flash processing.

Some hydraulic system actuators for intermittent action, the overall action time is short, part of the hydraulic system actuators are not intermittent action, in a working cycle (or a stroke) speed difference.After the accumulator is set up in this system, a small power pump can be used, which reduces the power of the main drive and the size of the whole hydraulic system. It is light in weight and cheap in price.

In some systems, if the pump fails or the power fails (sudden interruption of oil supply to the element), the execution element will continue to perform the necessary operations.For safety reasons, for example, in the hydraulic cylinder piston rod must be retracted into the cylinder, in need of appropriate capacity of accumulator as an emergency power supply in the case of not make components to work long hours to maintain a certain pressure in the system, in order to keep the pressure constant, beilun company capsule accumulator due to be able to use accumulator leakage compensation, therefore, turns sharply due to the switching valve, hydraulic pump stop, and the action of the actuator scram, artificially need parts of emergency braking and other reasons, a sharp change of flow of fluid in the pipeline, the shock pressure oil (strike)) systems are set to the relief valve,But a temporary sharp increase in pressure and blanking cannot be avoided.

Such impact pressure usually results in failure or damage of instruments, components, and seals in the system or damage of pipelines.The system may produce significant vibrations.If the accumulator is installed before the impact source of the control valve or cylinder, the hydraulic accumulator wholesale can absorb and mitigate the impact.


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