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How does the accumulator manufacturer identify the type of manual valve?



How does the accumulator manufacturer identify the type of manual valve?

Zhejiang accumulator manufacturers valve control can be used manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, worm, electromagnetic, electromagnetic - liquid, electric - liquid, gas - liquid, spur gear, bevel gear drive and other transmission modes, water, steam, oil, gas, mud, a variety of corrosive media;It can control the flow of liquid metal, radioactive fluid and other types of fluid, the valve working pressure is 0.0013 MPa to 1000 MPa ultra-high pressure, the stainless steel capsule accumulator wholesale working temperature is -269°C ultra-low temperature to 1430°C high temperature.Depending on the function and use,

Circuit breaker: circuit breaker is also known as a closed circuit valve, its role is to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline.Shutoff valve types are gate valve, partition valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm, and so on.

Check valves: check valves, also known as one-way valves or check valves, are designed to prevent the reverse flow of media in the pipeline.Pump suction off the bottom valve also belongs to the check valve category.

Safety valve: the function of safety valve of zhejiang capsule accumulator company is to prevent the medium pressure in pipeline or device from exceeding the specified value, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection.

Regulating valve: the type of regulating valve includes regulating valve, throttle valve and pressure reducing valve, its role includes medium pressure, regulating flow and other parameters.

Shunt valve: shunt valve including a variety of distribution valves and traps, and its role is to distribute, separate or mixed pipeline medium

Exhaust valve: exhaust valve is an indispensable auxiliary component in the pipeline system, boiler, air conditioning, oil and natural gas;Widely used in drainage pipe.It is often set in the high mark or the opposite head to eliminate the excess gas in the pipeline, improve the use efficiency of the pipeline road, and reduce the energy consumption.


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