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Accumulator manufacturer - what are the main differences between solenoid and electric valves?



What is the main difference between solenoid valve and electric valve?-- accumulator manufacturer

The difference between the electric valve and the solenoid valve of zhejiang capsule accumulator company is that the solenoid valve generates magnetic attraction after the solenoid coil is energized and overcomes the pressure of spring to make the valve body move. The solenoid coil is simple in structure and cheap in price. It can only realize the switching of the electric valve driven by the electric motor to drive the valve stem and make the valve core move.Therefore, the electric valve is a split valve (cut-off valve) valve is a dual role of full open and full closed hydraulic capsule accumulator wholesale, regulating valve installed on the above electric valve locator, through closed loop control to make the valve dynamically stable in a position.

At the edge of the workspace.Solenoid valve: open and close control for liquid and gas pipelines, two DO control.It is usually used for small pipes.Control.Electric valve: it is used to adjust the simulated flow of medium in the piping of the liquid, gas and air system, and carry out AI control.Even for large valves and wind systems, electric valves can be used for two-digit on-off control.Solenoid valve: a quantity used only as a switch.DO control applies only to small pipe control commonly used in DN50.Solenoid valve: AI feedback signal, can be controlled by DO and AO.Larger pipes and dampers etc.

Switch form: solenoid valve driven by the coil, only open and close.The drive of an electric valve is usually the type of time required to complete the motor, on or off operation.It can be adjusted as scheduled.

Work nature: solenoid valve general flow coefficient is higher, and the working pressure difference is very small.For example, the general 25 caliber solenoid valve flow factor ratio of 1 to 5 caliber electric ball valve small zhejiang capsule accumulator company.The solenoid valve drives through the solenoid coil.Vulnerable to voltage shock damage.It works like a switch


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