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On the hydraulic accumulator common faults and treatment methods




Common faults and treatment of skin accumulator

About the hydraulic accumulator as an example to show the accumulator common failure conditions and cleaning way, other kinds of accumulators can be carried out by reference.

Q1: the pressure reduction of skin accumulator is serious, and it is often necessary to replenish qi and blood

Skin accumulator, skin charging valve for this product, by sealing cone sealing.When the accumulator suffers vibration in the whole process of work, it will make the valve core loose, make the seal cone 1 not close, causing steam leakage.Valve cone surface pull groove groove, or the cone surface with waste, will cause steam leakage.At this time can be in the sealing cover of the inflator valve 4 inside the pad up and down 3mm hard rubber gasket 5, and its use of grinding seal cone surface to make it close and other measures, in addition, if the valve core upper part nut 3 loose, or play yellow 2 fracture or less installed condition, will make the N2 in the skin bag immediately leak out.

Q2: skin application cycle is short

Its harm factor has the skin bag quality, the work in the ningbo capsule accumulator company application material and the skin bag material compatibility;Or there is waste infiltration;There is something wrong with the nominal pressure volume of the used accumulator (water flow through oil hole cannot exceed 7m/s);Water temperature is too high or too low;As energy storage technology takes time, does the reciprocating frequency exceed once /10s? If it exceeds once /3s, the service life just starts to decrease. If it exceeds once /3s, the service life plummets.Installation is not good, pipe design is effective, etc.

In addition, in order to ensure the accumulator in the least working pressure to rely on the work, and to prevent the skin in the whole process of work often with the accumulator valve collision, increase the life of the skin, p0 should be selected in the range of 0.75~0.91;P0 >25%p1>33%p2 is required in order to avoid overcharging and overcharging in the whole process of work.

Q3: the accumulator fails

The key reason is that the air valve steam leakage is more serious, there is no N2 in the skin bag, and the skin bag damage into the oil.In addition, when p0>p2, that is, the pressure is too low in a large operation, the accumulator completely loses the role of energy storage (no kinetic energy can be stored).

Q4: the actual effect of digestion and absorption of pressure pulsation is poor

In order to give full play to the accumulator's function of digestion and absorption of pulsation pressure, the connection pipe between the accumulator and the branch point of the main road should be short, the nominal diameter should be moderately large, and then the accumulator should be installed in the part close to the pulsation source.Otherwise, it is not effective in removing the pressure pulsation, sometimes even aggravating the pressure pulsation.


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