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SO series hydraulic lock

SO series hydraulic lock

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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USES and features:

The hydraulic lock (bi-directional hydraulic lock) is used in the hydraulic system of construction machinery. It is directly mounted on the hydraulic cylinder and can keep the position of the hydraulic piston rod unchanged for a long time.The hydraulic lock is mainly used in the hydraulic system of lifting machinery, mining machinery and other machinery.

The hydraulic lock basically consists of two hydraulic control one-way valves.Hydraulic locking, as the name implies, is a "lock", a locking loop that does not allow the oil in the loop to flow. The cixi capsule accumulator is supplied in the diagram to ensure that the cylinder in the diagram can be stationary even if it has a certain load on the outside.The specific structure of the liquid control one-way valve is a one-way valve with a liquid control port.There are valve seat, steel ball, spring, liquid control port, control column, A, B, X these three oil ports.A - B direction, the hydraulic oil to overcome the spring force, pushed open the steel ball, direct flow, B - A direction, steel ball falls into the seat, oil flow, need to be in the X mouth connected with pressure oil control, pneumatic oil capsule accumulator supply on the control column, push the plunger, plunger push rod, push rod to open the steel ball, the hydraulic fluid flows can "reverse".


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