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SGZ - Ⅲ 300 meters drill special valve operation

SGZ - Ⅲ 300 meters drill special valve operation

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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Brief introduction:

SGZ - Ⅲ rig control valve is mainly used for water and electricity and the coal ministry has 300 meters drill special valve, it is made up of safety valve, relief valve, sequence valve of three pieces, each file handles are flexible and reliable

Technical parameters:

The high pressure of the relief valve is adjusted to 2MPa

The high pressure of the overflow valve is adjusted to 3MPa

The sequence valve high pressure is adjusted to 4MPa

A device that opens, closes, or partially covers one or more openings or passages by means of a moving part to allow a flow of liquid, air, or other air or a large amount of loose material to flow out, blocking or regulating;The valve core and the moving parts of the device.Wholesale usually, zhejiang capsule accumulator used in the control valve solenoid valve of the relief valve of the exhaust valve cylinder valve shutoff valve regulating valve of valve shutoff valve valve valve valve valve of the valve stem normally have blind expansion valve control valve globe valve valve, etc., wholesale ningbo capsule accumulator is used to control valve control valve.


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