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KF pressure gauge switch

KF pressure gauge switch

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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KF pressure gauge switch is a small globe valve or throttle valve, mainly to cut off the connection between the pressure gauge and the oil circuit, or adjust the size of the opening to play a blocking role, reduce the pressure gauge violent jumping, prevent damage, can be used as a small flow of the general globe valve or throttle valve stainless steel hydraulic accumulator wholesale.Pressure oil interface with internal screw connection type zhejiang hydraulic accumulator supply.Pressure is expressed in terms of vacuum, called pressure, and pressure in terms of atmospheric pressure, called relative pressure.The pressure measured by most gauges is relative pressure, so relative pressure is also known as gauge pressure.

When the pressure is less than one atmosphere, the pressure in the container is expressed as less than one pressure.It's called vacuum.The pressure gauge transmits the pressure deformation into the needle through the elastic deformation of the inductive elements (wave tube, membrane box and bellows) in the table, and causes the rotation of the needle, indicating the pressure.


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