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PT series miniature high voltage pressure measuring connector

PT series miniature high voltage pressure measuring connector

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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There is a self-encapsulating valve in the loading unit. When used alone, the self-encapsulating valve closes due to the action of spring.After connecting with the measuring hose or the measuring connector of the abdominal needle, open the self-sealing valve for high or low pressure fluid system sampling and system pressure testing.

Compact metal parts: carbon steel or stainless steel 316TI seal: carbon steel bond metal rubber NBR(?25 ° C?9)0°C) stainless steel FPM(-20° c-20)0°C.General loading unit according to different internal structure cixi hydraulic accumulator wholesale, can be divided into ball seal and cone seal pneumatic hydraulic accumulator wholesale, ball seal can have a more stable structure.


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