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Pressure regulating valve for drilling rig

Pressure regulating valve for drilling rig

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Rock cutting machine is a complex machine composed of machinery, unit and mechanism.Rock cutting machine is in the exploration or mineral resources (including solid ore, liquid rock, gas ore, etc.) development process, start drilling tools to dig into the ground, to obtain physical geological data of the mechanical equipment.

Also known as the main role of the excavator is to move the drill bit on the bottom of the hole to break the rock, and the hole in the drill bit into or out.In order to understand the underground geological and mineral resources, can be used to drill core, ore core, cuttings, gas, liquid and so on.The eye bolt and eye bolt seat shall be connected with the pin shaft, the eye bolt seat shall be welded together with the hook rod, the barrel and the hook shall be connected with the left-turn screw, and the screw shall be prevented from loosening by the stop block.The hook body and barrel can move up and down along the hook rod.The action of the spring with internal and external load is released when the bit is started and can be bounced upward.The oil chamber is divided into two parts by the lace of the thrust bearing with oil in the barrel and an oil hole is cut in the lace.

Beilun capsule accumulator can absorb the impact vibration of the hook body during the perforation operation due to the dumping effect of oil flow, so as to prevent the screw damage of the bit rod joint.▁ cylinder top is composed of six small spring and positioning plate positioning device, through locating and friction between the wheel seat ring contact surface, haishu wholesale capsule accumulator can prevent the hang card for rotating rings in the sky.


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