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Type A and type DIF through check valves

Type A and type DIF through check valves

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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A CheckValve is also known as a CheckValve or CheckValve.It is used to prevent reverse flow of oil in hydraulic system or reverse flow of compressed air in pneumatic system.One-way valve has straight and right Angle type two.Straight through one side valve is connected to the pipeline by screw.Right-angle one-way valves come in three forms: threaded, plate and flanged.A liquid controlled check valve, also known as a shutoff valve or pressure retaining valve, is similar to a check valve to prevent reverse flow of oil.

However, in the hydraulic circuit, when the oil flow in the opposite direction, the hydraulic control can also be used to open the one-way valve, which allows the oil flow in both directions.

The liquid control one-way valve adopts conical spool with good sealing performance.When the oil circuit is required to be closed, the valve of yuyao capsule accumulator can be used as one side lock of the oil circuit to maintain pressure.The one-way valve controlled by liquid has two ways of oil leakage: internal leakage and external leakage.The internal leakage type can be used in the oil path without back pressure at the oil flow outlet.Otherwise use an external leak to control oil pressure.



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