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LDF throttle valve

LDF throttle valve

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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Throttle valve used on flow on the surface of the load change control flow, give actuator 霱 by velocity due to the throttle valve has simple structure, the pressure difference between the before and after the throttle valve changes over load, thus affecting the speed stability, so it is only applicable to small or load change speed stability requirement is not high in the hydraulic system.Throttle oil inlet and outlet can be adjusted.

One-way throttle valve by one-way valve and throttle well connected, the flow of oil forward through can be controlled, reverse through, one-way valve open ninghai capsule accumulator wholesale, oil quickly through the one-way valve, so that the actuator in the positive and negative two direction with different speed of movement.

Drawing valve is a valve that controls fluid flow by changing drawing section or length.If the deep drawing valve and check valve parallel configuration ninghai capsule accumulator wholesale, can be combined into a one-way throttle throttle valve and one-way throttle valve is a simple flow control valve, in the quantitative pump hydraulic system, throttle valve and overflow valve integrated, three kinds of throttle speed regulating system, namely the intake throttle speed regulating system;It can be composed of return throttle speed regulating system and bypass throttle speed regulating system.Throttle valve has no flow negative feedback function, can not compensate the load fluctuation caused by the speed instability, generally only used for the load change is not big or speed stability requirements are not high.


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