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JZFS high pressure hydraulic globe valve

JZFS high pressure hydraulic globe valve

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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Brief introduction:

JZFS series globe valve is mainly used in hydraulic pipeline or hydraulic integrated system to control the flow of oil or cut-off, its valve core is conical seal and hydraulic balance type, with small opening force, good sealing performance and other characteristics.

This series of globe valves are mainly composed of valve body, valve core, adjusting rod, handwheel, etc. The valve body is made of steel forging, with nickel plating on the surface and excellent corrosion resistance.This series of globe valve has screw thread, flange, plate type and other installation connection, easy to choose.

Hydraulic globe valve is developed based on foreign data.Mainly used for hydraulic system pipeline, in the integrated oil line control of the flow of oil and cut off.The valve body is hydraulically balanced with small opening force and reliable sealing performance.It is easy to operate and beautiful in appearance.This series of high pressure cutting valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve body, valve stem, handle, etc.This series of high pressure globe valves are mainly connected in three ways: internal thread connection, flange connection of ninghai hydraulic accumulator company and plate connection.


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