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AC series air filtration combination (triplet)

AC series air filtration combination (triplet)

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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The air filter pressure reducing valve and pressure regulator series are combined with the requirements of our production site, especially for design and production.More advanced performance is achieved in terms of greater output flow and more accurate stability.Has been widely used in self-made system, especially for electric transducer, valve locator, all kinds of pneumatic instruments, actuators air source filtration, pressure reduction treatment.All kinds of pressure reducing valves produced by the enterprise are regulated by the national standard GB12244?Gb12246-89 for production and inspection.

At this point, the pressure acting on the diaphragm is balanced by the spring force applied.However, due to the external use of the output pressure interference energy storage price, the output pressure high or low value.When the output pressure is lower than the given value, the balance between membrane tension and the applied spring force is destroyed, and the membrane moves downward, opening the ball valve for air pressure compensation.For example, when the output pressure is higher than the given value, the diaphragm moves upward, the valve stem and the diaphragm core are separated, and the air pressure is discharged from the small hole to the atmosphere, reaching a new balance.Therefore, the output pressure is always determined to be the desired given value.Air valve unit control gas source is 0.1MPa.


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