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Pneumatic pump

Pneumatic pump

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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Air pressure pump is a new type of transport machinery, is a new type of pump at home.With compressed air as the power source, all kinds of corrosive liquid, liquid containing particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, liquid can be absorbed.The air pump was introduced to China according to the invention of American technician Weldon.Commonly used 5 kinds of material are as follows: plastic, aluminium alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, teflon.

Diaphragm pump according to different liquid medium, respectively using butyl rubber, neoprene, fluorine rubber, ptfe and polytetrafluoroethylene.Early domestic users by the importer agent to buy, expensive, cumbersome repair.With the progress of the industry, energy storage wholesale currently domestic air diaphragm pump market share has exceeded imported products.

Arrangement in a variety of special circumstances, extract the traditional pump can not attract the medium, energy storage company has achieved satisfactory results.


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