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CDZ nitrogen charging car

CDZ nitrogen charging car

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  • Release date:2019-11-21
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Nitrogen filling car is a kind of nitrogen filling equipment powered by hydraulic pressure. It is generally composed of four parts of hydraulic station, nitrogen pressure system, control system and mobile car. Its core is nitrogen pressure system.Output pressure up to 65MPa, compressed nitrogen through nitrogen filling tool 10?It can be compressed to 65MPa.

In general, the working pressure of the energy storage device is above 12MPa. In contrast, the pressure of the general gas bottle is below 12MPa. It is impossible to charge from the gas storage cylinder to the pressure that cannot use the energy storage device.Nitrogen filling vehicle is a kind of hydraulic driven nitrogen filling equipment with the output pressure up to 65MPa. It can compress the mortgage nitrogen to the pressure range of 10-65mpa through the nitrogen filling tool, which solves the problem that the air cylinder pressure is not enough to fill the energy storage device with nitrogen.

Nitrogen filling car general by hydraulic station, nitrogen pressurized system, control system, mobile car composed of four parts, its core is the nitrogen pressure system, hydraulic system pressure nitrogen pressurization system decision is big is small, the hydraulic system pressure size has a great influence on the stability of hydraulic station, ninghai capsule accumulator oil pump manufacturer about the pressure rated output to continue to work for a long time, is easy to broken.The choice of oil pump also determines the hydraulic system of the stable cixi capsule accumulator manufacturers.


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