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Three-cylinder crankshaft plunger pump

Three-cylinder crankshaft plunger pump

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The use pressure of high pressure plunger pump must be 10 MPa generally?100 MPa.It belongs to the positive displacement pump, according to the volume of the action room changes periodically, to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid;The mechanical energy of the prime mover is converted to the pressure energy of directly conveying liquid through the pump.The capacity of the pump is only dependent on the change of the volume of the action room and the number of changes in unit time.Theoretically, it has nothing to do with discharge pressure.Reciprocating pump reciprocating movement through the piston in the work room of the cylinder (or according to diaphragm, bellows and other flexible elements in the work room periodically elastic deformation), periodically change the volume of the action room.

Structurally, the working room of the reciprocating pump is isolated from the outside world by means of a sealing device, and communicates or closes with the pipeline through the pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve).This is because, in a plunger pump, the suction and discharge of the liquid medium supplied by the accumulator is alternating, and the piston's velocity is constantly changing in displacement.For a pump with only one room, the instantaneous flow of the pump not only varies with time, but is also discontinuous.With the increase of the action room, the fluctuation amplitude of instantaneous flow decreases, which is considered as turbulence in practical application.


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